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David lives in rural Worcestershire, UK, where he has his studio. He is a mainly self taught, having drawn and painted for as long as he can remember. He is a council member of The Wildlife Art Society International (TWASI).

David's early artistic interest was the human figure, influenced from by graphic comic art (Marvel, DC etc.), with their fantastic capturing of perspective, which he would fervently reproduce. This remained his main artistic focus, although in his early 20's he became influenced by the art and conservation activities of David Shepherd, whose work he would often visit at the Halcyon gallery in Birmingham. He became an active member of the WWF, regularly shaking a collecting tin and attending events. A visit to Kenya in 1985 was his real artistic turning point, he was mesmerised by the wildlife he encountered and returned determined to try and portray what he had seen. This interest has remained and is now his major interest, although he still enjoys working on his figurative art. 

David now produces wildlife art where the inspiration comes from an encounter with wildlife, a stunning vista, to portray an environmental concern, or simply just the absolute need to capture something too beautiful to miss. David still raises money for wildlife and environmental causes, these days mainly through his art.

David is an award winning artist, recent highlights include:

Awarded a Silver citation for the work titled  'Clouded Leopard' by The Wildlife Art Society International in 2018.

Finalist in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of The Year 2019.

Invitational artist with the Explorers Against extinction Exhibition 2021/22.

Resident artist at Nature in Art, Twigworth, Gloucestershire, 2019, 2022.

Finalist in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of The Year 2021, receiving a Highly Commended award for his work, Disappearing? It's Our Choice.

David works in many mediums but predominantly, Graphite pencil on Hot press cotton paper and Acrylic paint on stretched canvas. His drawings take weeks, sometimes months to produce, He rarely works on just one piece of work at a time, he feels this keeps his work fresh, as it gives him the opportunity to alternate between pieces. 

His work is to be found in The Jinney Ring Craft Centre, Hanbury, Worcestershire, Artyfacts gallery, in Bromsgrove and The Jetty gallery, Oban, Scotland. He also regularly attends exhibitions both locally and Nationally.

David also teaches drawing techniques, running workshops from his studio and at organised events.

David is happy to discuss any commissions, should you be interested in a unique art work of a wildlife experience or a treasured pet.

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