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Limited edition giclee print, available in 2 sizes: 28 x 42cm and 36 x 64cm.


Printed to order, usually available in 7 days.


Humpback whales are beautiful, graceful, gentle giants, they are found in all oceans and seas and migrate 25000 km each year, they are true global ambasadors of our marine environment. Having been privaledged to see them off the coast of California, I felt complelled to portray them in my art. I am grateful to Brett Vercoe for allowing me to use his wonderful video as reference for the original painting. 


Limited to only 195 prints (inclusive of all size variations), printed on Folex Fine Art Contour archival paper using light fast inks* . Each print is individually checked by the artist to ensure the quality of the reproduction and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

*Lightfast Inks are designed to resist fading when exposed to natural or artificial lighting. 

Rhapsody in Blue, Giclee print

  • Medium £49.95

    Large     £69.95

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